Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dimanakah silap nya? (what do i do wrong?)

Title post macam ape je kan?Hhehee...

Btw, i just heard that Pound Sterling drops (like extra dush!) from 7 (this is 3 years back), to 6.3 (this is recently when i am in Malaysia for raya) and 11 days in a row it drops to 5.5 (dush!). Perghhhh! *_*

As for me, as long as i am here in UK and do not plan to go out of country, i am not effected by the new rate. Buttttt, if i'm planning for a holiday outside UK, cost of overseas travel soars like h*ll. Perghhhh! *_*

On the other hand, good things come along with bad things right? Thus, shopping will be like heav*n for me during this time around but only in UK.


* ayu * said...

only in UK pun ok osso what....

take care ek??
spend smart!

Pika said...

byk gile drop. best tabur duit tu..
kalau duit byk pon,i better think hundred times before buy my very 1st LV.
i am unemployed!! sadis nye.

best of luck with ur interview dear. :)


Aida Narina said...

ayu: hehhee..i need coach, as in coach in managing my money ^_~

pika: awak kene tunggu buah hati kasi okay. Biar jd LV yg paling bermakna sbb harga dia pun ribu-ribuan, bermakna sgtt. Saya rs saya masih 'muda' nk berkecimpung dlm dunia itu.

reena said...

Bestnya klu saya duduk kat UK..Huhu.

Aida Narina said...

reena, saya suka sini (uk), tapi saya lagi suka malaysia. its where my heart belongs to...chehhh ^_^
being in ur home country, near to your family, friends and org msia sendiri is what im hoping for, but would only able to stay permanently in msia not in another 4 years time i think. =(