Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Comedies vs Miracles

After one cold-tiring day of classes and lunch-time of working (i started working as a part-time uni's surveyor last monday), i treated myself with long hours tv treatment. From 2 episodes of friends season 1 to 2 episodes of Scrubs and 2 hours of Documentary series on The Girls with eight limbs and also on The smallest living people in the world.

Ofcors watching Friends and Scrubs makes my eyes go cucooo-cucooo since i watched em' many times plus i am pwetty tired. But when i started watching the documentary series, my eyes automatically become wide open. Amazed!

The first episode is about A girl, Lakshmi aged 2 years old living in India born with four hands and four legs. Amazing right? How powerful God, as He creates all kinds of human with such physical. A bit about Lakshmi, she's actually joined to her partially formed parasitic twin. She carries her twin since whe was born and doctors predicted that her twin could kill her if there are no actions taken medically. Hummm...

This episode shows how they helped Lakshmi to live a normal life to only have 4 limbs. Thanks to the surgeons all from India that have conducted the complex surgery to save her. Clap-clap! =)

For her complete stories, u can simply click on the link above.

Okay, next episode is on The smallest living people in the world which actually specified on people that are born so extremely small with tiny voices. They often called 'dwarf' in particular that is categorized as primordial dwarfism . Research shows that there are about 100 people born dwarf and 40 of them are in US. For this particular documentary, they selected 5 of them aged from 10 to 23. Throughout this episode, i learned that people being born as dwarf are the same as normal people with emotions and needs. Can u imagine, when u are being hurt by unexceptional words, making fun of your ugly nose, or your small hand, big butt or big head? Dushh! Again, it's the miracle of God's creation that can explain this phenomena and i believed God have He's own plan.

I'm off to bed now. Till we meet again, nite2!

p/s: It will be a veryyyyy long day again tomorrow!

p/s: I got an interview for Royal Mail job for Christmas Casual position! So happy. Money-money-money =)


* ayu * said...

i'll be wide awake too for those kind of documentary..
anyways, good luck for the interview!

Aida Narina said...

ayu..u r soo nice!! =)
thnks dear~