Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bahulu dan belacan

On Friday i attended an event conducted by Southampton Malaysian Student Association (MSA) called 'Bahulu and Belacan' at Murray building, Uni of Soton from 6.30pm till 9.30pm. It was held as an opportunity to know new students (undergrads and postgrads) studying here in Southampton.

Yup, it was pretty important i think, as when i bumped into new students, i was sincerely malu-malu meow/segan-silu okay the fact that i always dunno how to start a conversation with new people. I am not a conversation starters. ^_~

The event went well i guess. It started with the doa', then we sang 'Negaraku' and after that was a performance by 1st year undergrad student. Kelakar gell! anddd...comeyl! Haih..

First year comeyl =)

Me and buns


Maya, me, buns and sheera shaheera

p/s: Whats up with the bahulu and belacan. Do people eat bahulu with belacan? Hehehee *_*

p/s: Skrang tgh sale gila-gila. High street is pack with people shopping for Christmas presents. I bought these:

Aldo Pratolapeligna clutch, benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner in strut (smoky denim) and pocket pal (pair of benetint and gloss). =)


* ayu * said...

owh! i love benefits!!! jelesnya!!!!!!!!

takper takper..
good choice babe!


Aida Narina said...

it was an unplanned purchase. but i want to try the smoky-eyed look through the benefit website, n they recommend the eyeshadow in strut.haih mcm xbole pki yang sikit lebey krg punye kaler..heheheee

Benefit Smoky-eyed look

miralatiff said...

winter sale is heaven!!!

I remembered when I was at Paris early January this year..memang sangat best!!shopping tak ingat dunia punyer..yang paling best longchamp ade sale ape lagi I borong sakan la..hehe..last2 biler sampai umah duk kire duit braper yang tinggal..hihihi

Mama Azlina said...

cantik clutch tue...utk org muda leh la..utk org senior cam akak..sesuai ke??

Aida Narina said...

mira: hehee tuhlaa, thats why i am keen to work as i will most probably melicinkan duit scholar. ^_^

mama azlina: boleyyyyy..i think it suits all range of age. yang penting kita pandai sesuai kan dengan baju and event. akak sure ade function2 nak pegi, so go grab one! =)

reena said...


U belila lg satu, pastu jual kt i.Hehe.

Btw, 1st pic tu nmpk mcm kumpulan KRU dolu-dolu.Haha.

Aida Narina said...

hahahaa.. reena, diorg nyanyi lagu bsb tau. tuh yang cam boyband ^_^

i bole belikan kalu u nak =)