Saturday, November 15, 2008

Amazing Weekend

I've been busy throughout this week and haven't had the chance to update about last weekend which is amazing! =)

Early Saturday we started our journey to Nottingham at around 4 am. The car that we rent is a 7-seater Zafira Vauxhall mpv that fits 7 of us; me, alan, nurul(buna), abe, rahman, sapek and Li. I sat at the back throughout the journey and it felt bumpy and...dizzy since i am exactly sitting on the moving tyres. Thus, i decided to sleep all the way. ^_^

As soon as we arrived at the Nottingham University Sports Center, there are like thousands of Malaysian people all around UK gathered there. Malay, Chinese, Indians and all other races are there! I felt i was at home, in Malaysia.

Netball teammates (from left; Adi, kak Haz, kak Mas, Saleha, kak Hanis.
front; kak Fiza and A'a)

Yang ada gelaran kak diatas are all married and have 2/3 kids)

Kak Hanis, Saleha and A'a

Kak Hanis, Saleha and A'a again! =p

Saleha, me and A'a.

Us (Only 4 of us that are still single!)

Overall, this year was an exciting year of netball. We managed to practice 5 times for Notts Games and actually i am sure that we can make it to the semi-final. But, at the very last minute, a few things turned up and there is nothing for us to do. Pasrah we are. Eventho' we only made to the quarter, but it was a great experience and i managed to do some sports. Hah! =p

As for the guys, i did not managed to watch them during the football matches as they also made it only to the quarter. If they made it through to the semi/ final, i might have the chance to watch them playing. I thought they could made it to the final, as last year they are the champion! Takde rezeki kan?

All in all, i enjoyed the trip to notts!

The next day, we headed to Portsmouth factory outlet for a quick shopping spree.There are Gap, Monsoon, Paperchase, Oasis, Clarks, FCUK, Guess, Marks and Spencer and other high-street brands at lower price. Guess what, i did not purchase anything as i wasn't hunting for anything at that moment. As for others, macam-macam lah kan? Adidas and nike have always been the place for the guys. It's a must for buna to purchase something from Whittard that sells kitchenware and bone china. So, she bought 2 mugs for two of our friends for their birthday. She also bought a pair of jeans form FCUK for only 15pound! What a bargain. =)

As usual, when u don't shop, u need to treat yourself with something else. So i made a suggestion to go to Nando's at Fareham for some chikas-chikas-chikas! =)

My bf being pimped. Muke takut =p


Buna and sapek

That's how my last weekend ends.

p/s: I want to use this opportunity to wish Ayu, Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope u had a blast one! =)

p/s: I am thankful that i have finished working as the Uni's surveyor for a week. I enjoyed it!


aS_c0mei said...

aida...singgah kejap ni.hehe.nnt esok-esok nk jenguk lg.nk titun dulu ni.jom titun!!

weken yg penat kan!sama la kita.hehe.jom berehat...

bestnye dok sana....take care!

* ayu * said...

owh how i miss my netball time...
isk... anyways! congrats for making it to the quarter.. ok lah tu.. kan?

and... thnks for the wish dear..
so sweet of you..


Aida Narina said...

as: skarang tgh sejuk2, so agak xbest utk bergerak. so saya asyik sok bwh duvet/comforter. jomla dtg visit sy di sini =)

ayu: thanks ayu. saya mimpi jadi jaguh, tp dlm mimpi shj la kan. ^_^