Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A very-very, the VERY bad night!

I just got back from a netball practice from 7 till 9pm. This is the practice for the upcoming notts game which is held next Saturday. Truthfully, i hate NETBALL! Okay, maybe just for tonight! Dush! =(

Not that i don't know how to play. Netball has been my favorite game since the day i started playing it. I have played each of the positions, C? GA? WA? WD? GD? GK? no-no, cannot play the GS position. Very bad shooting skill! (Sape2 maen netball tahu la all those craps!). Even when i'm in standard 5/6, both handball coach and netball coach were fighting over me. I couldn't decide on which game to play as both took place on the same day! This is the time when the selected schools compete at district level. As what have been predicted by my friends, i chose netball over handball. See how i am into netball.

Then, after i entered boarding school at the age of 13, i continued playing for the school team. But at that time, i said handball-no-more, and i started playing hockey. I am also one of the school player for volleyball. Such a player. Hah!

But, my passion for netball did not stop right there, and until i continue my studies in the UK, i realized i need and have to play netball. Or else, it seems like i'll be having a split personalities. Just like a net without the ball! (cut the crappy aida!).

Straight to the point, i don't know why i am this offensive when it comes to people picking up their gang = kumpulan. We have 14 players, divided into 2 groups (undergrads and postgrads). I knew, postgrads means they are older, experienced people than the undergrads and we should respect them. But it seems like they are not helping us, the undergrads that much. Furthermore, all of the decisions were made by them!

My team consists of me, one 4th year medic student, 3 freshers and 2 second year
students. The freshers are not used to play netball, thus i considered them as beginners. While, all of us terkial-kial dok ajar the freshers, postgrads dah ajak match for real. It just happened that they are all soooo good at playing netball. They have been practising for ages agaknye! Thus, that's how they decided to be in one team. We are all so damn kodi, that includes me. Saya kodi melampau, lari terkedek2, tangkap bola xlekat (tgn kebassss) dengan lelah2 due to the cold weather, and kekenyangan makan bihun banyak kottt sblm training. Sighh!

I don't expect much from the postgrads. I knew, they are inseparable and i do not expect them to split into half and join half of our team to make it even. I need them to understand the ke'kodi'an of us, the undergrads. Please laaa fahammm....Kuang-kuang-kuang!

So i decided that, as a responsible person for the team, i need to make some changes.

List of what to do:

1) Come as early as we can, and practice on the basic thing such as throwing and catching the ball.
2) Set proper positions for all of us according to ability and which suits us well.
3) Concentrate on the rules to apply while playing.
4) Strategy...Haaa-hah!
5) Team-spirit.

6) Okay, too serious. Enjoy paling penting!

We'll see the progress then =)


* ayu * said...

hi aida...

b4 i forget.. lets xchange link... :)
and thnx for visiting my blog.. :)

oh netball! i am as serius as u jugak when it comes to netball..
i love netball.. but dh lama tinggalkan.. :)

Aida Narina said...

ayu: y dont u form a team with u work colleague? sure i would be fun.. ^_~