Monday, October 27, 2008

The RM30k shoes!

Last weekend i had the opportunity to stop by at one of my senior's house here in soton. I am pretty impressed of the shoe collection HE, i repeat HE as in a guy had. On the 5-tier book shelves located all of his Michael Jordon's nike - Jordon air shoe collection but not all 23, most of them are there. He told me that there are few pairs he left at his house in Malaysia.

The 30k shoes.wohooo! (blurry image)

Next to the amazing basketball shoes are all his casual/formal shoes. All of them are located in his bedroom opposite to his bed. A good night view i supposed =).

There are also shoes placed at the back of his house door mainly for playing football and i noticed his wife only owned like 3/4 shoes basically for day and work. I never imagine any man with such passion for shoes. We have got competition here woman!

I think i now shall reveal the owner.

Ratu kasut! (Effirul Ikhwan Ramlan aka Firul)

A husband to Sis Haz and father to daughter, Aqilah =)

p/s: such a passionate basketballer and footballer.


Pika said...

he's just like ayahku!! kasut banyak giloss.
boleh beat emelda marcos ni. hehehe.

Aida Narina said...

hehhee..yeke..ade geng tuuu! tp siapa emelda marcos? mari google!

hasniza said...

bila amik gamba atas tu,tak perasan kekekeke nanti bole datang makan-makan lagi yeah =)

Abdull Khair Kamaruddin said...

Eh macam kenal je "Ratu Kasut" ni. Ni supervisor Latihan Industri sy. Dr. Effirul Ikhwan Ramlan.