Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blogging/Blog hopping

Yesterday, after waking up at 8am, i went straight to my laptop. Other than blog hopping (which has been my latest addiction), visiting websites such as friendster and facebook (addicted ever since being a regular user of the internet) have been my daily routines.

Once i am in front of the pc, my hand automatically moves the cursor to the drop-down bookmark lists and i'll click the blogs that i've been spying on one by one. Each time i came across new bloggers, i'll bookmarked them regardless of wanting to know more friends through the world of blogging. I admit that i'm pretty occupied when i started blogging and sometimes it took me hours blog hopping and writing new posts. Okay, at least i don't waste my time on long-hour sleep especially in winter time..ohhh like now.


I found that there are many types of posts on how people express their thoughts, where some talked about fashion, rarely about food, commonly on personal life, might be so on pets, gadgets, love-life, hobbies and even there are bloggers used blog circle to do business. Impressive!

I believes each and every blog has it's own style and identity. When i find a few blogs that are really cool, written by people i can relate myself to, i tend to visit their blog regularly. But, the same goes to certain blogs that are different, which i can refer to as something 'new' in my life. As part of the blogging community, i don't think by judging a particular blogger or a blog is the best way of communicating.

Come to think of it, i am somehow bothered on how 'certain people' tried to manipulate the access that has been given by other generous bloggers that are willing to share their thoughts open to public. Blogging should be filled with cool people trying to create special bond towards each other by visiting and leaving cool and appropriate comments on the blogs in their circle. This can forge virtual friendships with author of the blog and other blog visitors thus makes their day BRIGHTER and gives them something to look forward to.

Glad that nowadays i'm caught up with blogging and i hope to blog more in the future. Make more friends and blog summore!

p/s: daylight saving time started today. Time difference between uk and malaysia now is 8hours =)


lina said...

hi! aida. i received your comment on one of my post.

May i link u to my blog? if yes, send me msg on my chatbox

Aida Narina said...

yes lina, sure thing! nice knowing u =)