Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1st anniversary as a couple

Today, the 13th of october 2008 is our first anniversary. We decided not to celebrate so much. Just a dinner together and watch tv~

I prepared chicken rice for the dinner where it took place at my house in Harefield Rd, Southampton. He ate a lot! I think he misses good food back in Malaysia.

As simple as it is, we managed to take some pictures. So, i'll let the pictures shows how the night went on. =)

And tada...i got the Chloe perfume as the 1st anniversary gift. Been eyeing for this before i went back to malaysia last sept. I like the sublime rose scent! Perfectly capture the house of Chloe spirit, effortless chic and feminity. And i also got 3 cards of 3 different sizes with such sweet short writings of his feelings towards me. Hehehe..Thanks dear!

I also got him a perfume, Armani Mania but it was not a coincidence. He insists me not to buy anything for him. While we were checking out the Perfume Shops, i remembered that he needs a replacement for the empty Chanel Allure Homme Sport. He choosed Armani Mania over hundreds other mens perfumes. The smell is just nice, not too masculine!

Happy Anniversary Alan dear! I hope this will be the start of our journey together and will be the life i cherish and share with u for the rest of my life.. =)


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