Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ramadhan updates

It has been 24 days since i arrived home. The feelings was so great and only God knows how thankful i am for being here beside 'the family' and the welcoming air of my hometown.

The first two weeks of my holiday (or vacation i must say since i considered malaysia as my cuti-cuti place) i stayed at my mum's house in neg. sembilan. I am originially not from negeri, but since my mum is a teacher at one of the boarding school there, we oftenly commute to my birth state which is melaka (or malacca eventho Pak Ali Ketam urged us not to change the spelling).

Then after that two weeks till now, here i am at my grandma's house in melaka and will be here until the 11th of raya which is the day i'll be going back to uk. Other than my mum, I was once being raised by my grandma and grandpa(my father's side) since the day i was born and not-to-forget when i was little. I remembered the enjoyment of living with them. They treated me as i am one of their child after my dad passed away when i was 6 years old. Since then, my parents are my mum, grandma and grandpa.

When grandpa died 3 years ago, i only left with grandma as my only grandparents. So, this year will be a blast raya as after 2 year celebrating raya in uk, here i am now impatiently waiting for the 1st day of raya!


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aah reena..melakaaa! awak dh pegi kann. hehee. saya rindu melaka, rumah nenek, nenek, asam pedas nenek. haih! =(