Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look into my heart

I've been bothered by these not-so-comfortable feelings lately. Mixed punye!

I am kind of person that secretly hide every tiny feelings i felt tak kira la over things, people around me and the worst part is, it also over some of my friends which are significant in my life.
I barely shared my thoughts and emotions to my friends. Most of the feelings i kept to myself one after another. The longer i hide those feelings, the more the feelings that mixed in my heart!

At first i was calm to face all the situations, then later i felt angry and very discomfort when there are still no actions taken to clear em'. Ill then end up not talking to whom it may concern and i am very-very ignorance!

How la?! It was obviously 'their' fault. I have done my part. But i felt it was just one-way thing not as what we have promised! Now i am stressed.. Dah la banyak komitmen lain. Banyak nya cabaran di bln ramadhan... =(

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