Saturday, August 02, 2008

Swindon Designer Factory Outlet

After one week of hard work, its weekend finally. I need the rest, the gooddddd-longggggg sleep, to nap anytime i want or eat whenever i want and watch all the tv shows i want. I knew weekend meant a lot to everybody. It's just depends on how we work it right.

As i woke up this morning, i've been told that Li which is my x-senior from soton uni (he's now working in Brighton) planned to buy Royal Doulton bone china for his family back in Malaysia. The tablewares that he's interested with can easily be get from stores like Debenhams, Harrods or online from the RD's website itself. But then, since summer sale is nearly over, its much better to get it from the factory outlets due to cheaper price (mostly half price sale!). He was so keen to go thus he'd rented a car for the day and kindly asked anyone who r interested to join him. Ha-ha, i am so not pemalu, memang suke cuci mata, so without segan-silu i offered myself plus i once bought em' for my mum last easter holiday as her birthday present, thus konon2 nya ade pengalaman dong. Ha-ha..

The not-so-pemalu people are me, ofcors mr azlan kene ikut(since guys je yg nak pergi)and my 2 other guy friends. Wolkswagen Golf is the car for the day!

Li is the one in the red shirt and Arom in black shirt

The big boss with big perot! =p

Right away after having nasi lemak for breakfast cooked by joe's mother, we straight away start our journey to the outlet. It is one of the famous designer outlet other than the ones that i've been to (so far i've been to Portsmouth and Bichester). It took us 1 hour 45 mins due to the traffic until we reached that place.

The STEAM museum next to the outlet (the first steam train in England)

I only end up buying this:

while mr azlan bought this:

A set of Tefal cookware for his future use

and two underwears from CK, a short and t-shirt form nike. I did not managed to capture abg Li's Royal Doulton tablewares that he bought but the design is just like this:

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Tableware

This design is one of a kind and very popular among RD collectors and it comes in plates, saucers, bowls, pots, trays, cups and also gifting collections. Since the price for the 20 piece set item is not on sale, Li only bought single collection for different sizes of plates and saucers. He should wait until the next RD 50% sale which is usually in march to get far better price!

I'm thinking of getting another design for my mum for her next birthday when its on sale. This will add to her collection of Royal Albert design from Royal Doulton. The design is about the same as above but with a special touch of 'Chintz' (more flowers) with a gold trim. I so likee this one but a bit pricey due to the chintz katenye

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Chintz Tableware

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