Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The future doctor

This macik came all the way from moscow just to visit the lonely me! She was my friend back in mrsm jasin n still be my friend at heart. See the two bags she was holding, both are from one-day shopping here in soton. I had the best two days of catching up stories with her.

I remembered she used to live next to my room when we were in mrsm and i've always landed on her bed like everyday. I like sharing my thoughts with her. I'd say she is a good listener and far better advisor to me than me, myself. I've also remembered that we both attended king scout's camp together back in 2002 at the same time struggling for our spm. She helped me a lot!

Now, we both are in our final year of studying. I hope she'll always be my good friend and the best doctor she'll be. Love u so much macik khairunnadiah kamaruzzaman!

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