Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Leaving on a jetplane!

Two of my housemates are going back to Malaysia for good. Both of them graduated last month and planning to work in Malaysia (sgt true malaysian!). Watching them packing their stuffs, burning the midnight candles just to pack-pack and pack throughout the nite makes me sad. =(.. I'll not gonna see them at least after a few months since we live far from each other and not in the same state.

All the boxes that have been packed

The one i'll be missing a lot is misa a.k.a kak misa-chan. I usually call her kak misa since she's one year older than me (not exactly one year-12months since i'm a jan baby born in 1985 while she was born in 1984). Other than buna, my so-called-crazy-mazzy housemate, misa is the second closest to me in the house. I've been living in a 4-bedrooms house for one year now with all the craziest people in it. Can't complain..

Misa and her wallawey friends! See me at the back wishing for her happyNESS=)

The things that will reminds me of misa r her personalities. She is soft-spoken, good-hearted, care about others and mostly she put her friends on top of everything (esp her "special friend"). But inside, i knew she always had her fragile-moments due to caring about others first rather than herself.

Yup, that's how she end up heartbroken for the past 2 days. The one that she loved the most decided to end their relationship upon the reason that he-the guy, doesn't felt the same way as her now. I don't wanna make any justifications or assumptions on anything, but the most i can say is that once we decided to start the relationship, please la don't fall back bcos of u r not in the same spot as the other person. Once dah start habiskan la sungguh2 kann!(sila bersabar aida narina!). At least, work hard till both parties will feel the same way (as in rasa dah xmahu nk berhubungan), till there r no other ways to make the relationship go any further.

Anyway, different people have their own different opinions on relationships. There are reasons for every decisions.

She seek me for comforts and advised right away after the break-up and i knew she's having her hard time. Furthermore, the other person that breaks her heart is my best friend! Aiyoo, can't complain sumore! All i said to misa is that she has to ask herself what exactly she wants from the the relationship. Either she still want the relationship to happen which she might get hurt then bcos its only her that will put on all the efforts or.....let go! =(

All that i can hope is just the best for her-herself. Thank God she decided to go for the second one as she should think bout herself first rather than the consequences she might get from the first one. I knew she can handle it as she's strong inside-outside.

Memoirs =)

To kak misa, good luck with your job, new friends, new bf (weeehoooo) and ur future undertakings. Best wishes and miss u always!

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