Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friends for life

More people have gone back to Malaysia after graduating and southampton now is a very-very quiet place to be. Sob-sob!

Alfie and kushi just went back to Malaysia last friday. They depart from Heathrow airport by Malaysia Airlines at 10pm. The wishing goodbye part was a bit of a sad moment especially for alan as they are his closest friends since his first year in uk. Moreover, they have been such good companions to him all this while being his flatmates when living in university's hall, housemates when they rented a house this year, ps3 PES 2008 buddies fighting over one stupid ball, shisha'ing, singstar and euro trips together, etc etc. Thanks korang for taking care of him all this while!!

But u don't have to worry mr azlan as i will take care of u, cook for u and most importantly i'll make u happy!! =pp

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