Monday, August 11, 2008

Farewell Dinner at The Dragon Palace

Last Saturday the guys decided to get together for a farewell dinner at a special place with the good food since most of our friends are going back to Malaysia for good. As usual, since i am the only Wags (Wives and Girlfriends) left (chewah!), i'm surely included in the crowds esp to take their pictures and doing such and such things gfs should do. I wouldn't mind joining them, furthermore there r nothing for me to do at home.

Rahman, me and lan.

Haqif, arom and haiqal. (Haqif and Haiqal r brothers)

Kushi, Li and Dr. Fawwaz =)

Since there are not so much halal food options (no chickens and no beefs), we decided to go to The Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant at the Above Bar st for their seafoods. There r so many options and we decided to go for the Sea bass fish with this chinese style cooking (seriously forgotten the name!), sweet n sour crabs, squids goreng tepung, prawns, fried kailan and for the soup we had the shark fin and crab meat soup.

The Food!

Beginilah gaya mkn dgn lelaki2, kene cepat!

Buat2 xbersalah =pp

Rahman n me with our shark fin soup.

Btw, the food was awesome especially the sweet n sour crab which i think they put coconut milk in it. Other than that the shark fin soup is a total blast. It was my first time okay? Siap ade rasa guilty2 coz menzalimi haiwan yg hampir pupus! Dushhh..(tumbuk diri sendiri). Dahla 90pounds for two large bowls.

So, rahman in the above picture noticed something about me when we've arrived at the restaurant. He said to me "Aida, muka kau nampak lain la, nampak bersih! Kau ade pakai ape2 ke?". Ah-ha-ha!! I didn't know that guys r that particular when it comes to make-up. He-heee. (Rahman mengaku metro! =p ) Act that night i wore Clinique superfit makeup foundation which I don't normally wear. It's so good makes my face so 'bersih' n flawless! Prefer this one since it's not too heavy for my face. It's just out on the market.

Okay here is something that i've just made. Moist choc cake with cadbury choc fingers =ppp

Sgt menggemukkan!

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