Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lotsa memories!

I just got back from work and straight away headed to mcD for a Choc Cornetto McFlurry and Cheese Melt Dippers. The McFlurry also come with two other flavors; strawberry and mint choc. I've been craving on these two for quite a while now esp on a hot-sunny-summer day. Ahhhh, sugoiiiii.. (great in japanese!). Then headed back home, cleaned myself and prayed. Then i realised that the external hard drive i bought online has arrived! Sugoi again..=pp

I'm in need of additional external hard drive since my laptop memories are running low and everytime i'm in the middle of doing something, it kinda hang out of sudden which i hate the most.

Of all the options, i choose Seagate Freeagent Go 250gb Ext Hard Drive 2.5". It do not consume much space, lotsa memories, seagate ofcors (i dont mind spending on an established, good quality brand) and the yellow part as u can see from the picture actually lights up when it's connected. Furthermore, i got it at a very reasonable price. With this hard drive, i hope everything will go on smoothly including downloading massive tv shows (250gb free space) as well as transferring files and folders from the laptop. This will then follow by your majesty azlan's graduation day post which i'd postponed quite sometime now.

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