Monday, June 09, 2008

Singstar brings us closer to each other

Dear all,

It has been a while since my last update. I have been wanting to update a.s.a.p., but there has been things in between, and i think today is just a perfect day for me to write something. Btw, exams are over now, and my feelings are so much better now. I have gone through exam weeks with all my guts with a deep hope which is to pass my 2nd sem exams and able to continue my part IV. I've done my best and i just wished for the best from God. Aminn ^_~

Right now is already 7.30 in the morning and i still at my very best to write something for my dearest readers. A bit 'lalok' and sgt 'kekenyangan' right now. Actually, i stayed up all night spending my precious time with my dearest friends. So, today agenda was to be a true SINGSTAR. Okay, that might be a boring stuff to do, karaoke'ing and sing'ing. But for us, singing brings us closer together to each other. For me, singing shows my true identity, who's the real girl behind this comel girl [omigosh, so perasan sendiri] and it's one way to let go my emotions. Sometimes, i got carried away too even when i'm trying to reach all the high notes and pitches.

Okay, that was the fun thing that we've done from 2am until just now. And yet i still not felling sleepy neither tired. Maybe because i slept all day long yesterday. A bad habit i used to do even when school terms are not over yet. Maybe i'll wait a bit until i finish updating my blog, then i'll decide either to sleep or just to stay awake. Act, i'm planning to do some shopping today. Me and alan planned to get a casio exilim camera for ourself (since i've lost mine in malaysia during this year easter break), so we decided to share this time. Since i owned an exilim before, i kinda terGODA still dgn ke'slim'an casio exilim. Even now they have got even slimmer. Ouchh, i wished my camera could resembles myself.

So here are some of the exilims that we've been considered as our choices:

Between these four, i like the z100 the most. It has 10.1 MP with super clear LCD compared to s880 and z80 which only have 8.1 MP. I just care about the shapes which i'd preferred the sides to be edgy and not round while the size is just perfect (even the brand itself kate exilim kan). However, we need to touch and get the feelings first before owning the s100 and the price is a bit over our budget too. Sighhh..bila mahu kaya ini..

So, i'll update later on which camera we decide to go for. That's all for now. Muachxx!! OOoooo..aku dh menguap besar ini...

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