Thursday, May 22, 2008

Touched by ayat-ayat cinta!

I've finished my project presentation yesterday with a great disappointment since i did not perform well during that day. I had my posters and slides ready for the presentation. I did practiced in front of alan (his name is official now on my blog-he's my bf btw =p) and i think the presentation were not meant to make my day.

Yup, that's how i end up spending my time watching all-time fav tv shows, FRIENDS season 9 and 10 on my lappie all night long until i felt asleep at 8 am. I dont think i had enough of FRIENDS, thus i continue searching from alan's desktop if he has something good for me to watch. While 'selongkaring' his files and folders, something caught my eyes! Omigosh, its the 'ayat-ayat cinta' that i think everyone has watch it. Geees, i wonder why my bf have dis kind of movie =pp

Without wasting my time, i quickly played the movie and keep the sound at high (thank God, Alan have this extremely good Logitech Z-5500 with 5.1 surround speaker system!).

At first i thought the story line was so-so since the hero is not that good looking (always a point of judging a story-at first only ok) and it obviously shows how women easily attracted to men that are kind, caring, thoughtful, clever, and famous. These are all commons rite? But as the story gets further, it turned out to be interesting and meaningful. For those who had watched it, u guys surely know how the story goes right? The title clearly says that the movie is all about 'cinta'. But this time, its kind of different from all the 'cinta' movies that i've watched. A word of advise is that get ready with a box of tissues gurls! You don't know what you might turn into.

I really encourage all of you out there, yes u, and u and watch this movie. There are 3 main characters which r 'fahri', 'aisya' and 'maria'. The character dat i think is the most significant was 'aisya'. Even though some might say that 'fahri' contibutes a lot in building the story, but i preferred aisya. Basically, fahri is obviously a protagonist/main character in the story that experienced a dramatic change in the plot from order to chaos plus he is seorang yg 'warak'. Gurls including the one that is from different religion admired him due to his characteristics. But, when he became a husband to two wifes, he more or less failed to be fair to both of them. On the other hand, aisya (she's so pretty tho') that is meant to be fahri's wife, willing to sacrifice his love towards fahri in order to save his husband from being prisoned.

For me, the most touching scene is when aisya asks fahri to marry maria (a christian girl that fell in love with fahri)..
"cakap kepadanya yang kamu akan kahwini dia..".

Sooo sad! Then another meaningful scene that i remembered is when maria (the christian girl) told fahri and aisya that:
"sebenarnya ada beza cinta dengan keinginan untuk memiliki seorang lelaki.."

Sob sob..*_* .

Yeah for my first time watching dis movie, i did not cry even for one tear.Hehehe..Maybe because i'm a bit caught up with my exams that are still not over yet. Plus the quality of the downloaded movie is not that good. Kalau xsure dah meleleh..=pp

Okayla..gtg. I'm going to watch Sindarela for today and will try my best to start studying! Yosh, exam is just around the corner and i still havent start 'mentelaah'.

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Muiz said...

Good to have king scout like u study in oversea and people will more respect u . Please take care the prinsip of King Scout.

Anyway i tak lah lama sgt in blog world. Before this i'm write in my friendster, this year change to blogspot. Mybe next month or end of this year will change to my own domain and hosting .

I actually baru jer tgk movie ayat-ayat cinta at youtube. To me very good movie and give me more perspective about love . It's all about Love with Allah then cinta yg lain akan dtg and lebih diberkati.