Friday, May 16, 2008

The new beginning..yosh!

First and foremost, i am so glad to announce this new blog to myself, myself and only to myself! Haha..(this is not a laugh-hahahaha-like-crazee, its a haha-like-jengjengjeng!). Its not that i never wrote a blog before. Yes i have one which is for friendster, but then i think its quite public since it's open to everyone including my not-so-friends. Thus, i decided to write another one with further encouragement from the blogs i read which are all very exciting and luvly.

Hi everybody..

I cannot think of any other names since i am obviously nottt creative, far from brilliant, and here i am searching for a good name for my blog. After a while thinking plus trying to figure out the name, i end up with "The Purest and Simplest Deepest Thoughts" upon singing Marie Digby's song, Spell. Eventually, this was a part of Marie's song and i think this is the best name that could signify myself other than there shld be the word pink in it. Hahahh.. i kindda like PINK but i couldnt think of any names with pink, pinky, pinkiest in it. I think my blog's name is so suuuweett and very meaningful. Haha..(dis time haha-gelak-baik punye). Tadaa...with here i present the one and only.... 'The Purest and Simplest Deepest Thoughts!! ;)

At last yeayyy eventho i still have lots of work to do that includes my individual project viva which i need to prepare min of 5 slides and a poster for the presentation and my engineering design work that will contributes 33.333% of the overall marks and i have to submit it on monday, 19th may..Ohhh goshh..!! *_*

With here i end my speech!! Hihhiii =pp

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