Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Birth of Baby No 1


It has been ages, I know and I am definitely missing my time writing in this space. How should I start then? Maybe I should begin writing by announcing that I have given birth to a bouncy baby boy almost 2 and a half months ago. Fuhh that was long! 2 and a half months ago and he has now grown a lot from the first time I held him in my arms.

Introducing our little boy, Cayden Yusuf Bin Muhammad Nurazlan.
A copy and paste of his daddy.
I must say that the birth story of Cayden Yusuf is a bit complicated. I don't say it's hard coz Allah swt has helped us a lot along the way. But it was definitely not easy. So bare with me.

I was actually due to give birth on the 27th July 2013, but no signs showed on that that very day other than I am happily eating away for two. Plus it was Ramadhan and how can I actually resist icy cold drinks and delicious food from the bazaar? Husband spoilt me with so many choices and I was a practically a happy lady..

Week 37
Round and heavy, I mean the tummy :D

Week 40

So on the 28th July we went to see our gynae with so many things on our mind like "why is she still pregnant doctor?", 'is there any way you can make the baby come out like now?" and etc. Haha. I know, we were being so ridiculous and at the same anxious and excited to see the baby. And mummy just could no longer bare the back pain and discomfort. So our doctor, Dr Zarul (which I will share about him later in the next entry) told us "pick a date so I can induce you for the labor". Jeez doctor, that was easy. Why didn't I think of it much earlier.

At that time we don't have any particular date on our mind. I just couldn't wait so I looked at Alan to quickly pick a date. Just like picking a date for a movie except this time a baby will pop! 31.7.13 caught our attention and we straight away went for it. "31.7.13 it is doctor!" and the rest was history.

We checked in at Putra Medical Centre (PMC) at around 10pm on 30th July 2013. As we've registered and paid for the deposit, I was told to sit on the wheelchair like a sick person. I insisted on walking, but the friendly guard told me "Jangan nanti Datuk marah" which they refer Datuk to my gynae. No harm I guess so I just stayed on chair the whole time. As we reached rooms, little that we know all rooms were fully occupied. I guess quite a few babies will be born on the same day as ours. Then the nurse ushered us to one room which looked so familiar, its the labor room! My oh my! I was actually sleeping on the bed where people scream like mad and what more surrounded by needles, medical supplies and epidural? It was a very (VERY) good start! :'|

11 pm: One of the nurses inserted something in my behind. She told me to hold till "you betul2 nak ke tandas tau". Less than 2 minutes I already had bowel movement, and I was basically running to the loo. Mind you our VIP room does not equipped with one.

11.30 pm: The other nurse came to start on the induction where a pill will be inserted in my hoohaa then she realized I was actually already 4-5cm dilated! I smiled coz this will be it. Our son finally decided to come out today. The nurse told us she had to cancelled the induction and call the doctor for consultation. 10 minutes after we were told to wait for the night and call her if I feel any sort of pain. MashaAllah, I was so nervous at that time.

To be continued..

Friday, June 28, 2013

Shopping for Baby C

Shopping for the upcoming arrival of baby C has started since he has reached 3 months of his gestational age. And yes, did I mentioned a 'he'? Now that we'll be seeing the baby (in sha Allah) in less than a 1 month time, I guess its so appropriate to share that we are expecting a (bouncy) baby boy! In sha Allah :) :)

Look what we got from Tesco!

Daddy has been the most excited since he'll be having a buddy for him to watch the football games on TV (other than having our kittens Iphone and Ipad joining them too!). Me on the other hand is also excited and hoping that Baby C will come out healthy but not as excited as the daddy given the fact that I shall bid farewell to pretty dresses and headbands (for now). :D

And now I'll become a mother, I totally understand how parents can be too excited (especially us mummies!) on baby stuffs. I remember ohh-ing over mothercare, carter's and other websites. I've went crazy and cannot tido malam I tell you. Booties, onesies, hats, bibs. You'll be wearing more clothes than mummy by then Baby. Everytime, I'll whatsapp cute baby products to my husband hoping that he'll go crazy with me (and he did not!).
This was the second lot of our purchase. The first one was through online made 6 months ago..

Here are some of the tips I could share with  first time mummies like myself. It's from my personal experience and I'm sure other mummies have theirs too :)

Baby's shopping list
As much as it is hard to resist shopping for your little ones, we might want to think again and sit down with the other half to figure out a baby's shopping list. We made one for ours and only stick to that list for the entire time. Alhamdulillah, it works. I'll share the list here next time, promise (at least sebelum I meletup) :) Just keep to the basic stuffs and you'll expand the list from there. You might be surprised on the things that you or the baby will use for a very short period of time that you can just borrow or even get from your family members and close friends. Most of Baby C onesies and daily clothes are given by my sis-in-law and even the mummy got her maternity work pants without even the need to spend :)

Growing babies
Shopping for a newborn can be very tricky especially to a first time parents like us. Other than being extra careful in selecting what's best for the baby, we also want our purchase to be useful for him for at least until...he cannot use it anymore. You know how a baby can quickly grow. One day he'll be wearing a newborn size onesie and the next day he'll need a 0-3 months! I wish my pockets can grow the same as he will be.. Also I've been getting advice particularly on this subject, 'don't get the newborn clothes. If your baby is 3kg plus, he can no longer wear it in 2 weeks time. Get the 0-3months". Whatt? 2 weeks pun mummy belum sempat kurus -_-.

Save your pocket

Set of Tomee Tippee Essentials set we bought from Mothercare UK.
  • One set with everything. I would advise mummies to get one set with everything you need instead of buying things separately. We bought a set of tommee tippee Essentials Sterilization Set which consists of Electric Steam Steriliser, bottle warmer, milk bottles, milk dispenser, thermal travel bags, brush and most of the feeding items the baby needs (with cheaper price!). At least with these essential items, I can now rest my head in peace. Price per set: RM350. Price if purchase separately: More than RM500!
  • Make a purchase during expo or the sale season. We went to the expo held at Midvalley few months back but did not get anything because we were clueless on the price. And to those who hate a space with too many crowds like myself, you should also try Baby store coz they also offer great discounts during sale season. Jangan pergi yang dalam shopping malls like OU, try those on the shoplots (I love Baby Jaya at Damansara Utama). You'll be surprised with what they can offer!
  • Purchase from outside Malaysia. I know this sounds difficult and why on earth should someone go through such hassle to buy the same thing that's available in the country. When both of us know we are expecting, the end year sale has just started. But with the baby's gender still unknown, it's hard to shop, so we only purchased those we think suit for both genders. And we purchased them online (through Mothercare website) and get it shipped to a friend's address who's living in the UK. Later we arranged a shipment from there to our address in Malaysia and took 2 and a half months to arrive.
Let's see how much did we saved on this one-time purchase.

Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix car seat
Before sale 135 pounds
After sale 90 pounds (Price:  RM450)
(Retail price in Msia - RM900)

Quinny Buzz 3-wheeler stroller
Before sale 425 pounds
After sale 300 pounds (Price: RM1500)
(Retail price in Msia - RM2500)

Tommee Tippe Essentials Sterilization Set
Before sale 140 pounds
After sale 70 pounds (Price: RM350)
(Retail price in Msia - RM1000)

We have saved: ~RM 2000.

The point that I'd like to make is that mummies, don't go shopping (at the shop or virtually) alone! Or you'll come home or end up regretting purchasing the unnecessary things :D 

Happy shopping all mummies and mummies-to-be :D


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pregnancy so far..


Today marked 33 weeks and 3 days of my pregnancy and more or less 6 weeks to go before I go into labour. Words couldn't describe how it feels to carry this little miracle in me as we progressed from one month after another. From the worst and challenging 1st trimester to emotionally dreadful 2nd trimester and lastly to a totally different feeling and experience of 3rd trimester. I must say that it sure was a roller-coaster ride!

I noticed since I got pregnant, Alan has been asking me questions like 'are you ok?', 'sakit ke?' 'muntah banyak ke', 'tak larat ke', 'dah minum susu belum?' which there's only one simple answer to all these questions which is 'yes!'. Just recently my husband asked me out of the three trimesters, which one do I think is/was the easiest for me? Even though he did saw himself how I progressed, I understand he'd like to know what I personally think about the whole experience. I said, it is surely the 3rd trimester! You know why because I feel energetic, managed to do house chores (again), mood baik sekali, I can't remember when was the last time I wore make-up and I did (again) a few times recently, my skin is totally ah-mazing even better than before I was pregnant and in college and I like to dress up even while carrying this growing tummy! Love..

But I totally understand that different people will experience different things throughout their pregnancy and I praise to God that He make things easier for me and Alan up until this point.

I do hope this will last till we reach 40 weeks, or maybe more. Kadang-kadang setakat sakit sikit-sikit I will just bare with it and do not think too much macam back pain, pening-pening and excessive sweating (yes, I can understand now what most of my friends have been saying about sweating melampau) because these could in the end spoil my mood. 

One thing for sure, what I will be missing the most is the extra attention I've had all this while from my family and colleagues! Oh, how I will miss being pregnant!

Friday, May 10, 2013



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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

His Plan

Note: This entry was written last night.

I am taking my own sweet time while my husband is in the kitchen, cooking. Oh how lucky it feels to be able to just sit and wait for the food to be served. Okay, that's not the right way to say, but thank you husband for the endless help. With this ever-growing tummy and back pain, it has became his duty to make sure food are served in our house not mention those healthy ones.

Just recently, he bought a pot steamer so that we (he) can cook all the good food for mummy and the baby. Being a good cook himself, he became very particular in selecting what I can and cannot eat. No processed food, not deep-fry food, only home made and the best will be steam food. I had to cry like a baby just to get him to get me a bag of frozen fries and that is to be cooked in the oven since McD is a no-no.

Thinking about how lucky I am to have such a thoughtful husband, it came to my mind how I will turn out without him in this life. My life surely will be horrible and a mess. The last 3 months he was away for work in Jakarta, the first few weeks was the hardest. I could not even feel the taste of the food I ate let alone push my body just to get take-outs. Everyone was so worried about me because whenever I call my mum, my grandmother, my cousins, I've been crying on the phone. I know I was being so dramatic, but just to take everything in at that time was very hard for myself. Also considering that I was feeling very fragile and drawn with my pregnancy emotions, I lost to myself. As I gained the strength, things became much better. I practically got back on my feet. Just to be able to survive the day made me the feel like I'm the strongest person in this world (for which I am not).

That made me wonder, how God tested us humans in many different forms and He basically knew that we can actually survived the whole situation. How I temporarily lost my husband as he had to work thousand miles way is a different situation to how a wife lost her husband forever.

I would like to share a story about a good friend back in primary school which recently has just lost her husband in just one night. It happened so sudden while the husband was in in Sabah for work, he felt a sharp pain on his chest and became unconscious. I personally do not know the whole story, but I cannot imagine how my friend felt about the news. Shocked, sad, devastated..Furthermore, they just had a baby for about 3 months ago..

That made me wonder how things could actually happen without even us realizing it. Allah has His own plan for each of us, hence I am thankful for every opportunities he had given to me personally. A husband to take care of me, a work that could help us to pay the bills and a baby in 3 months time. Wallahualam..

Here a wise word from my friend which has lost her love of her life..

"Allah meminjamkan dia sekejap sahaja utk kita tapi semangatnya akn menjadi kekuatan utk meneruskan kehidupan di dunia ni.."

Monday, April 01, 2013

Us & the Baby

Assalamualaikum. Good morning. What a blessed Monday :)

MasyaAllah, guess what, I couldn't believe that my pregnancy is turning 23weeks 24weeks by end of this week. We are more than halfway through and how time flies so fast. So glad to be able to feel how is it like to be pregnant (despite the bad symptoms which I had to overcome throughout 4 months back) and without my other half by my side.

Some of you might already know that my husband was away for work attachment in Jakarta for about 3 and a half months and it has only ended a week ago. I was beyond happy to mention how lucky I am that he's now back home. With the growing baby, I really don't want him to missed any of the great milestones for Baby C. And yeah, we already have a name for the baby and I got to choose! :D

Looking back, it was on the 20th November when I found out that I was carrying a baby. I was late. I was always on time when it comes to having the monthly 'red flag', so i decided to do the test on my own. You know, the pregnancy test. I was nervous at the same time happy when all 3 the kits (yes, it was so surreal for a first timer like me that I had to take 3 tests!) showed a clear second line pink. Alan got his first birthday present that week, a bouncy baby in July 2013.

As unplanned it was for us, we were so thankful for this 'rezeki' since we were thinking to get pregnant a wee bit later (end of 2013). But as what my friends, colleagues and family members always said to me, 'Anak pertama tak payah delay-delay takut nanti bila nak susah pulak dapat', we just follow the path that Allah has set for us. We were both nervous because we do not have any experiences with babies, or even 1 baby. We like to hold babies, but it should not be as simple as that, kan? However, seeing our friends of the same age with their baby (and a few even waiting for a second one), we said to ourself, if others can do it, why can't we? Allah will help us, definitely. And with the hardship we have been through to be successful in our studies and work, building a family should be another thing we look forward to..

So, it was by end December 2012 (I was 2 months pregnant), Alan left to Jakarta while I was having the worst ever morning sickness and constant nausea, fatigue and migraine. I cried a few days since he left. My fragile body needed him the most at that time but how hard I cried (meratapi), things stayed the same. It lasted quite a while, but remembering that I am pregnant, I calmed myself and prayed hard that time will pass by quickly.

Alhamdulillah, Allah made it easy for us. Allah helped me with my emotions. You know how a pregnant lady with that over-the-top emotions right? I had that with me. Allah even helped me to be strong for the baby. Living alone does not led me to my happy place, but it has showed me things in different perspectives. Plus I even had the chance to fly to Jakarta for 4 times throughout Alan's stay in Jakarta. Despite the tiring visit, I was thankful that Baby C got to see the daddy even just for the weekend. 

Here's a few pictures during my 17th, 18th and 19th week of pregnancy. I'm 24weeks now and you can already imagine how I had grew for the past 4 weeks! :D

In shaa Allah for the next few interesting weeks to come :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lelong Tie Rack Scarves

Lelong, lelong! :D :D

Most of you knew that I sell Tie Rack scarves back in the UK during my free time. Love-love these sateen scarves especially those with bright yummy colors.

I still have quite a lot of them which are still brand new and ready to go to their new owners. The price is simply irresistible as I am selling it for only RM30 each but you will need to buy minimum of 3 pcs (price includes postage). Should you decide to get only 1 pc, the price will be RM35 including postage.

Give me a shout at to buy/reserve :)

Thanks girls!

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Oblong Scarves
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